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A free standalone application to merge and split your PDF documents
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ConcatPDF is a free standalone application that allows you to merge and split PDF documents in a simple and straightforward way. You can also customize the way the concatenated file will be viewed when opened using Adobe Reader, as well as the security level assigned to it. It can be used via a Command-Line Interface, or by opening the GUI provided.

ConcatPDF’s GUI offers a limited set of options that certainly does not cover all the program’s possibilities. Before merging any set of files, you can decide on the level of security that the final document will have. The possibilities here cover the most relevant encryption options available through Acrobat. You can also decide on how the output document will look like when using Adobe Reader, and if you want it to include outlines and bookmarks taken from original documents. The overall performance is quite satisfactory, the program is a fast and efficient tiny tool. However, you will probably miss the minimum level of feedback that could let you know that the merging and/or splitting processes have actually ended.

But, in order to take advantage of the full potential of ConcatPDF it is advisable to make use of the Command-Line Interface (CLI), rather than its rather limited GUI. Regrettably, some of the options that add flexibility to its merging and splitting functionality are only available through the CLI. By using the commands and the parameters described in the Help file, you will be able to merge and split not only full documents, but a specific page or range of pages, and, what is even more interesting, documents not present on your computer. You just need to type the right commands and add different URLs that point to the desired files - ConcatPDF will download and concatenate them for you in a single operation.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicity of use
  • Straightforward functionality


  • Lack of clarity in some of the GUI options
  • Some basic functionality is only available in the CLI version
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